Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for David Wiesner

Born:  February 5, 1956

Excellent BooksArt & Max, Tuesday, and several others.  David has won many awards for his books and illustrations, including three Caldecotts.
From His Life:  David has always loved to draw.  As a child, he also enjoyed reading comic books and watching old movies.  As an adult, he especially likes telling stories with images.

Advice for Aspiring Writers:    You know what matters.  In an interview with Philadelphia Stories, David said, "Do the work that is really personal, that interests you — not what you think others want, or what the market wants. The truly personal work is what will probably resonate most."



Laura Marcella said...

Wow, three Caledcott Medals! That's awesome.

He has great advice! I agree that writing for the market is probably a bad idea, unless the trend really is what you're passionate about. Readers can tell when an author wrote from the heart or wrote just for money.

Carla said...

Isn't that amazing! And in addition to those three, he had two more Caldecott Honors!


Betsy said...

Tuesday is one of my all-time favorite books.

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