Saturday, April 23, 2011

S is for John Steptoe

Born:  September 14, 1950 - August 28, 1989

Excellent BooksMufaro's Beautiful Daughters and several others.  John won many awards for his books.
From His Life:  John knew that children's books were in his future at a young age.  He started working on his first book, Stevie, when he was only 16.  It was published when he was 18.  John studied art in college and with professionals. 

Advice for Aspiring Writers:    Children deal with universal themes.  Those who write for them should also deal with universal themes.  John wanted to write books for young African-American children.  He once said there was a "great and disastrous need for books that black children could honestly relate to."  The themes he chose, though, and the manner he presented them make his books important for children of all ethnicities. 



Laura Marcella said...

Wow, only 16 while writing his first book! That's awesome.

Carla said...

I thought that was amazing too!


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