Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Kevin O'Malley

Born: 1961

Excellent BooksAnimal Crackers Fly the Coup and over a dozen others.  Additionally, Kevin has illustrated several dozen more!

From His Life:  When Kevin was in elementary school he spent a lot of time in the library because he had misbehaved in class.  In the library he discovered way too many cute and sweet books.  He decided that when he grew up he wanted to illustrate books for kids like him.

Advice for Aspiring Writers:    Be brave.  On his website, Kevin tells new authors, "The biggest mistake people make is not sending their work. You can't get published if you don't send it."



Kenda said...

"Be brave...send your work..." Great advice. Thanks for the introduction to Kevin O'Malley--need to check out his work!

D U Okonkwo said...

Very sweet and inspiring. Is he a kiddie author?

The Golden Eagle said...

That's great advice!

I'll have to find out more about his books.

Sarah Allen said...

This is great! I appreciate his advice.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

GigglesandGuns said...

Love the advice!

Mandy C said...

More people should listen to simple advice like that. So many people are afraid of rejection that they don't even try.

AllMyPosts said...


Your theme for the A - Z blog challenge is fantastic!! And thanks for posting the advice!!!

with warm regards
CatchyTips for Writers

Carla said...

Kenda, He has some fabulous books!

DU, Yes...everyone that I am highlighting for the A-Z Challenge writes picture books. Some write other things as well, but all have picture books that I think are exceptional.

The Golden Eagle, I'm sure you'll love them!

Sarah Allen, He really nailed it, didn't he?!

GigglesandGuns, Me too! It's so simple, but so important.

Mandy, I agree. Rejection is scary, but it is part of the game. Kevin actually said on his site that he received about 100 rejections before his first book was published.

AllMyPosts, Thanks! I've really enjoyed it! I'm starting to think that my first non-A-Z post might be a compilation of all the advice portions of these posts--I think there's a lot of useful information in them!


Anonymous said...

I can relate as I spent time in the library as a form of punishment. I read a lot of books duing that time and never considered it punishment.

Laura Marcella said...

Gosh, if getting sent to the library for misbehavior had happened in my school I would've broke the rules more lol!

Be brave. Love that!

Carla said...

Stephen, It really does seem like a treat...maybe the teacher just needed a break!

Laura, It must be a punishment for some kids, or else they wouldn't use it!


shelly said...

Your post is true so many writers don't send their work in.

Carla said...

It's true, Shelly. It was a good reminder for me to get submitting!


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