Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Define: Writer

Circle the best choice.

A writer is someone who:

A. loves to write.
B. writes stuff that other people love to read.
C. has work that has been purchased by a publisher.
D. is paid to write by an employer.
E. makes a living by writing.
F.  has written a book.
G. has had a book published.
H. has had more than three books published.
I.  other.  _____________________

During the last four years I have bounced around from one of the above definitions to another.  Why can't I settle on one idea?  Each definition carries enormous implications.  As soon as I begin to settle, I feel the need to change my mind.

What do you think?  I'm beginning to think there is no right answer.  If you want to be a writer, then be one.  If you feel you are a writer, you are.  So, say so!  

"I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world."  --Walt Whitman


AllMyPosts said...

If you write for the fun of writing then you are writer for sure!!!

with warm regards
Another Author

Mandy C said...

A all the way. If you don't love writing it would be very difficult to finish writing a long project, become a good writer, or succeed as a writer.

Ruth said...

I would say A, but I still have a hard time admitting that I'm a WRITER. Or mabye believing that I'm good enough.

Grillyfish said...

I totally agree - A all the way (and then additionally any or all of the others...) but A is a must!

As for the WW quote, it made me smile and reminded me of Dead Poet's Society - got to go and watch it this weekend!! :)

Carla said...

AllMyPosts, I completely agree!

Mandy, I think you're right, though I do wonder if there are people who write for their jobs who do not enjoy it. (Sounds like a dream job to me!)

Ruth, I know exactly what you mean! I've considered writing a whole post just on this topic. In the meantime, practice telling people you are a writer! ;)

Grillyfish, I like the idea of using more than one definition! And I love Dead Poet's Society!


mgudlewski said...

I would say "Other" and my definition of a writer would be "someone who writes." It sounds simplistic, but the other definitions are too narrow for me. I wouldn't pick A because sometimes I hate writing haha...

By the way, Carla, I like your blog, and I've given you two awards on So come on over! :) (This is my haiku blog, not the other one that I closed down).

Laura Marcella said...

To me, authors have published a novel, story, or article. But a writer is someone who writes. Whether published or not, or even whether the writer is seeking publication or writing is a hobby. A writer is someone who writes on a regular basis!

Kenda said...

I'd say "Other"--a writer is someone who can't not write! It's in our blood whether or not we get published (tho that's a worthy goal). We like playing with words and learning to make them shine...

Carla said...

lol, Mgudlewski, That totally makes sense! Thanks for the awards!

Laura, That's a good way to differentiate it.

Kenda, I LOVE this definition!


Misha said...

If you write because you want to, you're a writer. All the other stuff comes later.


Corey Schwartz said...

okay, definitely not E! :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

I'd go with A for a writer and then I tend to feel an author is someone who is published. Then again, I don't call myself an author yet, because I haven't published a novel, just articles and poems. So I guess I'm in the same place as you, but with the word author!

Carla said...

Misha, I like thinking that many things come in time...a right time for everything, right?!

lol, Corey, The list just seemed incomplete without E!

Shannon, I know what you're saying...I've also had shorter works published, but would really like to have some books published too. It will happen!


Arlee Bird said...

I'll go with "Other". A writer is a person who writes, whether they get paid for it or not and whether they like it or not. Anyone who writes is a writer.

Tossing It Out

Carla said...

Arlee, I like how you simplify things. Writers write. So true!


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