Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mama Says...

Writing prompts are a fun way to let your mind exercise and relax at the same time.  Today I'm joining Kelly at Write With Pictures for her Wednesday writing prompt.  Kelly posts a variety of regular writing prompts that are unique and engaging.  Today, for example she is using this picture as a prompt for a 10-word only writing exercise.  I absolutely love this picture!!   Below is my response.  What do you think she's saying?

photo from National Geographic

"Don't make me come out of this lake.  That's it."


Grillyfish said...

Come here right now. I am going to eat you.

Thanks for sharing Carla - heading off to look at Kelly's blog :)

M.C. said...

Oh fun!
"You look tasty. I guess I'll start my diet tomorrow"

nutschell said...

"All right, who's next?"

Great picture!

Carla said...

These are fun! I think someday I'll have a blogfest/contest based on a picture!

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